When the Inca’s built Machu Picchu in 1450 they almost certainly weren’t expecting some gritty East London band to get a little bit obsessed with the stairs of death that tower over the site from a neighbouring mountain.  But that’s where we are - Much as James Taylor had 'Never really been but would sure like to go' to Mexico, The Amber Bugs tell a story of desire for adventure. The track takes us on a journey from East London story-teller vibes and accelerates into a catchy summer stomper before returning us back to reality.


Machu Picchu MP3 (Private Stream Pre release) - soundcloud.com/theamberbugs/machu-picchu/
Machu Picchu MP3 (Download HD MP3) - drive.google.com/machu-picchu
B-Side:  Material Girl MP3 (Private Stream Pre release) - soundcloud.com/theamberbugs/material-girl
B-Side:  Material Girl MP3 (Download HD MP3) - drive.google.com/material-girl

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