..."that's the significance of David Dimbleby and that's also my review of the song. The reason it's so good is because it's so incredibly accurate but also it's a brilliant piece of political satire and it's ska which I love. I absolutely love that track it's a great first choice for the start of the show, it's brilliant."

Mike 1inFive - New Music Saturday (47m20s)

"Love the lyrics of that song!"

Xsara Helmi - Shoreditch Unsigned

"bouncy dual vocalled Ska-Punk begins to take charge with the subtle heaviness of the guitars making all the difference .... constantly changing pace just to keep you guessing"

Matthew Speer - Musically Fresh

"David Dimbleby, the song that is, is bold and brassy…quite literally, fun and frantic, deft and delicious, lyrically poignant but conversational in its delivery, gently political and wonderfully subversive. At a time when everyone seems to be taking sides, forming tribes, where opinion seems more valued than fact, what we need is a band to come a long and throw some fun and frivolity into the proceedings, put the conversation back into context, defuse the tension rather than make it seem like all out war. What we need is a band that reminds us that when it all gets a bit too heavy, a bit too despondent we can still unite on the dance floor or down the front of grassroots gig. In short, what we need is The Amber Bugs. I’d vote for them!"

Dave Franklin. Dancing about achitecture

"raw-edged alt-folk... firmly against the grain"

Tom Roden - Fresh Beats